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Are those that are Obese and Unwilling to Buy a second Plane Ticket self Centered and Selfish – selfish

Everyone wants to be treated fairly. In the matter of airfares consideration must also be given to those who are not obese. Are they the ones being treated unfairly if the obese do not pay for two tickets?

First of all, it should be stated that certain people are obese through no fault of their own. Through a medical condition or medical treatment they cannot exercise or find it extremely difficult to avoid putting on weight. These, if they have a letter from their doctor, should not be asked to pay for a second ticket and every courtesy should be afforded them.

The people being spoken about in this article are those unwilling to exercise or to control their diet in any way. It is about those who take up more than their own seat space on public transport and who really don’t care about others.

Air travel is difficult these days with less space (unless you are traveling business class, of course) and many pushing and shoving to get at overhead lockers and restrooms. There is also the soaring cost of fuel. The weight and size of passengers are important factors in the operation of any airline. More weight means greater cost and everyone ultimately pays. Much more is this so than with trains or buses. Besides, the obese are probably paying more for themselves in the way of food and health anyway.

The overweight may find it difficult to exercise in a gym. However there are many exercises you can do at home and it is only a matter of looking on the Internet. There are many websites that give a wide variety of different ways you can work out at home. There is also much advice on diets, meal plans and weight loss programs everywhere you look. The overweight at least have to make a start in changing their somewhat self-centered lifestyle.

Many have made the effort to lose weight and would not want to be disadvantaged on planes by those unwilling to do so. Perhaps having to pay for that second ticket will make the obese person think and inspire them to shed those pounds. Perhaps it will remind them of what it is doing to them and to their families and how they contribute to the health cost of the nation.

The issue of obesity is a difficult subject to discuss. Especially with those who are obese, but society as a whole must try to address the issue as best it can. One of the ways it can do this is to ask, as sensitively as possible, for the obese person to think of others and pay for that second ticket.