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Are Potato Chips Bad for you

Whether or not potato chips are that bad for you depends upon which type of potato chips you are eating. Sure, there is the kind that is super fattening and high in calories. But there are those chips which are reduced fat, lower in calories, and provide nutrients without all of the added fats.

One example of healthier potato chips are those that are fat-free and made with olestra. I am going by a serving size of 3/4 cup. From that, you would get 253 calories, 56 grams of carbohydrates, and just 1 fat gram. The fiber count in these chips is high at 7 grams! Fiber, as most of us know, is very healthy for us. We need it not only for colon health and roughage there, but fiber also works to lower cholesterol levels too. These chips also have 5 grams of protein in them, which we need daily too. Protein is the nutrient that plays the biggest role in muscle strength, as well as many other things in the body.

These potato chips also give you lots of vitamin C, and in fact, over your total daily allowance at 109 milligrams a serving. Vitamin C builds up the immune system, protects us against certain types of cancer, and prevents cancer cell division.

Vitamin K is also a very large part of potato chips. Vitamin K helps in the proper blood clotting, helps bleeding to stop, and it plays a role in bone health since it helps to process calcium. From your serving of potato chips, you’ll get 329 micrograms of this vitamin which is well over your daily needed allowance at 411 percent!

Another thing that is found in potato chips is folate. Folate is responsible for processing our amino acid homocystine. It is a water soluble vitamin that is in the B vitamin category. Folate also helps our cellular production so as to prevent anemia.

Potassium in potato chips also totals 931 milligrams, which is 27 percent of our daily needed allowance. Potassium is central to keeping us alive since it plays very large roles in heartbeat regulation, fluid balances, blood pressure, and muscle energy.

There is some manganese in chips which totals 0.4 milligrams, that is 20 percent of our daily allowance. Manganese is what processes many of the body’s main nutrients such as biotin, thiamine, and blood glucose.

So potato chips that are low-fat are not bad for you as you can see. They taste just as good as the others with higher fat and calories, and provide many important nutrients.