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Are People with Mental Illnesses Viewed as Americas Throwaways – Yes

It is very sad to acknowledge the fact that mentally disabled people are regarded as America’s throwaways.How did America arrive at this heartless place? Have we abandoned our compassion for our fellow human beings? Mental illness can be caused by numerous factors.Our veterans are returning from the war with mental illnesses that may cause them to abuse drugs and alcohol. Certainly, we should never consider throwing our war veterans, or perish the thought our hero’s away. It is imperative , we rethink this issue and find a solution to become more compassionate and caring for the mentally ill among us. After all,” there before the grace of God go I”. That means you too.

i admit, I’m guilty of turning away from beggars on the street that appear to be in mental distress. Perhaps, we have convinced ourselves, there isn’t anything that we can do about their situation, so we simply look away and avoid eye contact with them.Consider this, If you look more closely, you will see your eyes reflected in their eyes. You might even see the despair and rejection in their eyes. if you take just a brief moment and look at them. Don’t turn away.

Depression is a common mental illness that can be hidden in our homes and disguised with prescription drugs. Perhaps they started with this common mental disease until it reached the manic state and at the point of no return. They are not trash strewn on the street. we can not just step over them and act as though they don’t exist.

Our acts are inhumane and border on the fringes of insanity. The least we can do ,is offer a silent prayer on their behalf. You might be surprised, they might even be praying for you.

Some of us take notice, once we encounter it in our personal relationships and families. That old man,may be someone’s father, husband or brother. That young man may be someones son or brother. That young woman may have been a mother at some point in time. Perhaps she has run away from .overwhelming responsibilities and her family is searching for her. These are all possibilities. These are all people just like us. it is evident and relevant, that they are part of mankind.

The homeless shelters are crowded,mostly filled with the mentally disabled, without family and friends to turn to.Maybe their family and friends have looked sway, because it hurt so much to see their loved ones this way.