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Are our Foods Safe – No

The question of the safety of our food supply goes deeper than the risk of getting sick or dieing because of a food item you unsuspectingly ingested.

Since the early 1900’s the worlds population has grown astronomically, prompting the need for more food, more food growers, more ways to increase our food crops yields. Yield increase was hampered because the enormous size of the fields strained the ability of food growers to keep diseases at bay. Solution: Chemical spraying to kill bugs found in nature instead of using the earths natural defense systems. That’s to time consuming. These chemicals are on our fruits, vegetables, grains. Do we really think that the chemicals we ingest are safe, however small the quantity, as believed by the food and drug administration. Their view is that these chemicals do not cause illness directly after ingestion. Meaning, if you don’t get sick immediately (1 day to a month later) it will not even be considered as bad for your health.

That is not the only way our soil grown foods are contaminated. Fresh food spoils quickly due to its enzyme content. The food industry cannot make a profit if waste outweighs sales. In order to keep foods fresher, longer even more chemicals are used. Like their wasn’t enough already. Or, the food could be genetically engineered. Genetic engineering has not been researched to it’s fullest, but of course, if you don’t die right away, it must be alright.

What about the meat industry, including milk and poultry. It should also be put under scrutiny. “Milk does a body good”? Why is it then that the majority of cultures on the planet does not drink or use cow’s milk. But, we are a nation of milk drinkers. Do we know something they don’t know. Not likely. The answer is: great advertisement. The danger in milk is the drugs, antibiotics, hormones, forced feeding practices, specialized breeding and, of course, Bovine Growth Hormone. Only 50 years ago the most milk a cow would produce was 2000 lbs a year. Today a cow can produce up to 50000 lbs a year. Really… This doesn’t seem unnatural? The BGH causes an inflammation of the udder which requires, guess what, more antibiotics. The residue appear in the milk. Only a few years ago milk from the United States was banned from Canada because of antibiotic content.

This chemical and antibiotic residue is also found in the meat that comes from these cows. Not only that. The cows and poultry eat feed that comes from our chemical filled fields. Waste not, want not.

How do we explain cultures who know nothing about treating their foods with such chemicals and live up to and beyond 100 years with no degenerative diseases. Of course, they eat only organic foods, but here to eat in such a way is very expensive. How is it we have money to buy big screen televisions, drive the latest cars, but we can’t eat more healthily?

Don’t think if you do eat only organic, you will be out of danger. There is also the question of grower’s practices and the face that the FDA and the USDA are not able to inspect all foods. As seen by the peanut industry recall of the last few months.

I’m not saying we can’t eat anything in this country. I, for 1 will go on eating as usual, but let’s not dilute the dangers.