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Are Genetics to Blame for being Overweight – No

Obesity is a huge problem in today’s world. In many ways it has had a big effect on our society, it adds huge costs to the health care system. It’s a very weighty situation and we need to come to grips with the larger implications of the issue.

While science might well have found a genetic component in overweight people they should not leave it at that. Many fat people need to be honest with themselves about what they are putting in their mouths. Overweight people have a tendency to underestimate what they eat in a given day. They also need to know that McDonalds does not serve health food. The Big Mac is not made of tofu!

The fat person needs to consider what they do in a day. Sitting on your butts eating a ham sandwich, while watching Oprah and wishing you were as thin as Tyra, is not an exercise. Exercise is more important that many overweight people realize. Exercise is much more than getting up during commercials and making another ham sandwich and waddling back to the couch.

Most fat people simple don’t understand how much food, especially unhealthy food, gets slammed into their faces. Exercise is something that athletes do to prepare for the Olympics because it’s such hard work.

Fat people need to take responsibility for the fact that they can’t sit in chairs at the movie theatre. Too often they shrug their shoulders and exclaim through a mouthful of ham sandwich, “It’s not my fault.” Then they take another massive chomp of their ham sandwich.

Genetics may have some effects on a persons’ weight but to blame genetics and give up on your health entirely is ridiculious. If you sit on your butt all day eating that ever popular ham sandwich it is no wonder you are the size you are.

What are fat folks to do? It’s quite simple. I didn’t say easy however. You must forget the word diet. Diets don’t work over the long term because as soon as you go off the diet you gain weight again, often more than you had lost. There is no doubt of this.

What they need to do is to change their lifestyles. A change of lifestyle means changing everything in your life. Add some form of daily exercise much be incorporated into your routine. Exercise is something you must continue for the rest of your life. When adding some exercise you need to change the way you eat.

You need to learn what foods are good to eat and what foods should be left to others to eat. Yes, you’ll be eating more vegetables and fruits but that’s not really a bad thing.

These things can be difficult to do if you are a couch potato shoving that ham sandwich into your face. Being a couch potato is easy, isn’t it? You can’t simply blame genetics and do nothing else but chomp on that ever so tasty ham sandwich.