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Are Eggs Good for you

Different foods contain various proteins. Eggs are very high in protein. So much so that manufacturers of protein often base their goods on egg protein. Eggs are easily digested, and egg protein contains all the essential amino acids that the human body needs. One large egg contains approximately 6.5 grams of protein, of which nearly 4 grams of protein is in the egg white. Amino acids are compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulphur. The egg yolk contains fats and 2.5 grams of protein. Many people only eat the egg whites for this reason.

Protein should on average contribute around 12-15% of your total calorie intake per day. To work out the amount for you, just, multiply your weight in kilograms by 1.3, or multiply your weight in pounds by 0.6 to calculate the number of grams of protein you should consume per day.

Proteins are made up of amino acids and help build and repair the body’s muscles. Proteins are also essential for our blood. Proteins make and maintain healthy skin and hair and keep our internal organs healthy and strong. Egg protein contains all the essential amino acids and therefore the protein found in eggs is called complete proteins. Complete proteins are also found in other foods such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and milk. The amount of protein needed depends on your age, gender, and weight and on how active you are. Athletes for instance will need to consume more proteins than a less active person.

Body builders often enjoy many eggs in their diet. Without protein the muscles will not grow. Eggs are also rich in essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, B2, B12, D, E and K, riboflavin, folic acid, iodine, calcium, zinc and iron. Body builders will also eat far more egg whites and they will the yolks because of the fat content and cholesterol. More than half the calories of the egg comes from the fats in the yolk.

Poached or boiled eggs are a healthier choice for cooking the eggs. Fried eggs, you need to add fat during cooking. To make healthier scrambled egg, you could use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk, and if you normally add butter, use a little low-fat spread instead or some vegetable oil, or better still omit the butter or substitute completely.

We need to eat a wide variety of foods to get all the nutrients we need.