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Aqua Aerobics

Exercise takes many forms and more and more innovative ways are coming up day by day but one of the ways that is beneficial and convenient to most must be aqua exercise or to the layman exercising in water. Why should one go for this mode of exercise? The benefits are indeed many and that is why although it is not that new, it is often highly recommended by trainers and medical personnel in specific instances.

The density of water is very similar to that of a human being so physics dictate that the body however heavy or light you are will get an equal upward thrust when in the water. The effect this has is that very little stress is put on the joints and this enables one to work out the muscles and indeed the whole body without undue stress. When swimming, literally all the muscles in the body are utilized so you come out fit without the overworking the joints or heart. Swimming is one of the most effective aerobic exercises. I.e. oxygen is used slowly over a long period of time.

In case of injuries to the muscles or broken bones, doctors usually recommend aqua aerobics as part of the rehabilitation. Because of the lift one gets from the water, the muscles gain strength progressively without the danger of the bone breaking again due to the pressure exerted on it.

Exercising in water is also generally safe compared to say jogging where one encounters diverse terrains that could pose some difficult challenges on the feet. Water is very predictable and when in the hands of a good trainer, it is safe, enjoyable and physically beneficial and also a cardio workout. The advantage is that even the physically challenged can take part in aqua exercise and greatly benefit.

So in case you have an injury or just don’t have the stamina to sustain a full workout elsewhere, you could well consider aqua exercise to keep your body in shape. Physical or even visual disability is not a hindrance when it comes to this form of workout, everyone can be accommodated. Learn how to swim with a good trainer then proceed to enjoy all the other benefits aqua training can offer whatever your status or fitness level. Remember water is life and apart from getting fit, you will also get clean as you exercise. For the non-swimmers, simply start with walks in the pool then slow runs as you slowly get your bearings and balance in the water. Your trainer will gently take you through as you improve your fitness.