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Appetite Suppressants

Dieters are faced with an overwhelming choice of diet pills, many of which act as appetite suppressants. Even worse some are recommended by the diet creators they trust, who advertise diets as programs, which don’t involve diet pills, then manage to highly recommend appetite suppressants. It is often the younger dieters who fall for these gimmicks and presume they work well as they lose weight whilst taking them, and totally disregard the side effects.

Many online forums exist where young Dieters bolster each other along to take these appetite suppressants believing that regardless of how ill they feel the pills are worth popping to lose an extra pound or two. They give no consideration to the possible long-term health risks of existing on a diet of pills, which cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. They pay no regard to headaches and increased heart rates, and don’t link the pills to their depression and irritability.

When the appetite is suppressed so one loses the desire to eat then the body simply fails to obtain the necessary nutrients it needs. The body begins to lack iron, calcium, vitamins and other essential nutrients, when the Dieter prefers to feed themselves stimulants. The term ‘best appetite suppressants’ is false and misleading, as the way to lose weight is not through pill popping and should not be recommended as safe practice, particularly to the young who are only just starting to be fixated with weight problems and will most likely end up as serial dieters if get addicted to pill popping early on.

The best natural appetite suppressant is fiber. Foods which are high in fiber fill you up and stop you getting hungry as quickly and thus reduce the incessant need to snack on unhealthy food. Those who start the day with something such as cereal or oatmeal are giving themselves a healthy start to the day, and further fiber will be found in healthy fruit and vegetables.

Another good way to naturally suppress the appetite is to avoid those empty calorie foods which tend to make one hungry again more quickly. Foods containing artificial sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup induce cravings for more sweetened foods, and these cravings are most quickly satisfied with junk food. Diet sodas containing aspartame also cause cravings for sweeter things, and it is not explainable why anyone would need to drink something, which is 200 times sweeter than actual sugar, yet presume it is healthy as the word ‘diet’ is plastered on the label. A natural appetite suppressant is water, which hydrates without the need for artificial flavors.

Hunger is a natural feeling. It need not be satisfied immediately and is best satisfied with healthy food eaten slowly, artificially suppressing hunger with pills is a foolhardy path to follow and more attention should be paid to the way in which such pills are marketed towards young Dieters who are likely to reap long-term health problems from overusing them. It is inconceivable that diet gurus can promote them whilst claiming to be concerned with the health of their followers, but the lure of cash endorsements, send good sense out of the window.