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Anti Cheating Pill – No

Some believe a pill can fix anything. Modern science has developed compounds that make life easier for people who suffer from bi-polar syndrome, schizophrenia and post-traumatic-stress-syndrome. Pharmaceutical companies have manufactured pills for physical conditions such as migraines, sexually transmitted diseases and even the common cold.

Rapists can be chemically castrated, but their need to dominate and over-power continues. They find other ways to terrorize and their lack of testosterone does not always end the raping, so to think a “stay-faithful” pill will end philandering is equally absurd.

People who cheat on their spouses don’t do so out of sexual desire so much as out of a desire for respect or something else that is missing in their relationship. Only the couple residing in a house knows what truly goes on behind their closed doors and the “poor wife” or “poor husband” whose spouse continues to have affairs and flings may not be so innocent as he or she appears to outsiders.

I’ve known women who remained faithful for years to husbands that forced themselves night after night onto them when they were too tired, too sick or simply not in the mood. I’ve counseled faithful women whose husbands beat and raped them in alcoholic stupors and I have met faithful men whose wives “castrated with words” and emotional isolation. The isolation, they told me, was the worst part of their marriages. Being cut off from family and friends or told which members they could and could not associate with, was akin to castration. These men felt useless and feeble.

I’ve met just as many unfaithful spouses who felt a need to explore new sexual territory, “just because.” Often, discussion has led me to believe these people weren’t looking for sexual conquests or experimenting so much as trying to fill a deep-seated need for love and respect that had been missing long before marriage. Feeling unfilled with each new sexual encounter, these people constantly searched for the “one” to make everything right.

I don’t understand why any person would willingly choose to take a pill that would reduce sexual desires, nor why a spouse would condone such action. True, the person with an adulterous nature might lose the desire to seek out new sexual partners, but the downside is that sex at home would be equally unexciting.

Similar to Aebbe the Younger’s urging her nuns to disfigure themselves in the hopes of avoiding rape and plunder at the hands of Viking pirates, who wins if a spouse is forced to, “cut off her nose to spite her face?”