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Anger Management Frustration Anger Sadness Mad Madness

There are certain things in life that you just have to accept. You’re not perfect. People are going to make choices that you don’t like. That’s just life. You will have frustrations but there are also certain ways to deal with it. Unnecessary outbursts and holding frustrations in are the two worst ways of coping with the downfalls of life. It’s not good to hold it in because B will eventually cause A. It may take weeks, months or years but it is almost inevitable. Here are some ways of dealing with frustrations when you have to:

Do something completely unrelated

If you use this technique do not use it as a way to be in denial. Simply take the afternoon off. Good options are walking, taking your significant other out for food, reading a good book or maybe a watch a movie that inspires you. But if you do it this way, then eventually you will have to deal with the frustration. But whatever you do, make sure it has a minimal negative impact on others.

Make it better for somebody else

Giving back is always something that makes someone feel good. For example if you recently had something break with your water heater and you had to pay $3,000 to replace it. Instead of sulking about having to eat up all that money you could volunteer at Habitat For Humanity and help build a home for somebody in need. Did your cable installer recently not show up? Go to somebody else’s house and help them hook up their brand new High Definition TV. You get the idea. Taking this approach makes your life much more productive and may actually help you do some good in the world.


Exercise has other obvious benefits as well and in a sense this ties back to doing something unrelated. But the difference between sports and everything else is in certain sports you can do some things you cannot do everywhere else. When you are playing football you can hit someone cleanly. In basketball it is normal to tangle arms and constantly fight for every single position you get on the floor. If baseball is your thing the goal is to get opposing batter out or to hit the ball either as far as possible or where the defense is not. Or if your a pitcher blow the ball by the batter. Whatever type of exercise you do make sure that you are exerting lots of energy and when you are frustrated you should be able to exert more than normal. If your lifting weights don’t be afraid to add another five to ten pounds more than usual to help let the excess energy out.

Whatever it is you do to vent your frustrations the main thing you need to accomplish is that you either get over your frustration or you resolve the root cause of your frustration. Then you can live a happier life.