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An Overview on the Dr Oz Diet

The Dr. Oz diet is a easy to follow and stick with approach to healthy living. As a heart surgeon, the focus of this plan is on living a healthier lifestyle. The plan, which is called “You on a Diet” and co-written by Dr. Michael Roizen, focuses on the science behind why people gain weight, over eat and what they side effects are.

The first part of the book explains the science that is involved with our digestion of foods and how the chemicals in our brain signals when we are hungry and full. It explains how hormones affect these chemicals and brain reactions, and what foods we can eat to change our body’s chemistry. It may sound like boring reading with all the talk of science and the way our body’s work, but it’s written in a very easy to read style. They offer little “factoids” throughout the book giving tips that make reading fun and informative.

The second part of the book begins to talk about the diet and the fitness program. It goes into menus, shopping list and how to read labels and even how to calculate how many calories you need.

What does the plan look like:

Breakfast and lunch is suggested to be the same every day. The idea is that when we are confronted with too many choices, we make choose the wrong things and over eat. By “automating” what you eat for specific meals, it makes it easier to stick to.

What would a typical day look like:


2 eggs, scrambled, poached or hard boiled with turkey sausage


Veggie burger on whole wheat English muffin, with tomato, lettuce and a little sugar free marinara sauce

Dinner time is where you would take advantage of the many recipes in the book, but includes lean protein, whole grains and vegetables.

The diet calls for two snacks per day and includes dark chocolate as one of the choices. It is also suggested to include the good fats from olive oil, nuts and avocado.

Highlights of the program.

1. Read labels and “look for less” meaning, the less ingredients in a food item the better.

2. Walk 30 minutes each day. If this is hard to do at first, break it up in blocks of 10 minutes per session.

3. Use the “U Turn” principle. This means that if you make a mistake and eat something off the diet, it’s ok and it will happen. The important thing to do is get right back on the diet and don’t feel that you’ve blown it.

4. Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry, you should never get to the point of feeling like you’re starving.

5. Be prepared. Keep foods that are easy to get to and eat and carry healthy snacks with you.

6. Automate breakfast and lunch, this will make it easier to stick with.

7. Measure your waist. Studies show that when weight settles around the waist area, this is the most harmful. Shrinking your waist is the best way to see your success.

8. Work on ways to minimize stress. When there is prolonged stress, hormones are produced in the body which causes weight gain.

9. Get enough sleep. It is proven that when a person doesn’t get enough sleep, they over eat and gain weight.

The program is easy to follow and will be easy to turn in to a life long way of eating and living. While the weight loss may not be as quick as some of the other fad diets, you will lose weight. In fact, over the long run, probably more so on this diet then with most of the fad diets advertising, quick and massive results.

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