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Alternatives to Emotional Eating

Secrets to conquering emotional eating

It is difficult to break the connection between emotions and food. Throughout life, food plays an important role in both celebrating happy moments and soothing painful situations. When weight loss is a goal, one of the most important issues that has to be addressed is how to break the cycle of emotional eating.

In those happy times when a celebration is in order there are several ways to celebrate without indulging in food.

* Share your happy moments with family or friends by calling them or visiting them and sharing the good news.
* Go shopping. Steer clear of bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. You don’t have to go on a big spending spree just buy yourself a small gift in honor of whatever you are celebrating.

When something sad happens there is an immediate tendency to turn to food for comfort, but there are other alternatives.

* Seek comfort from a friend or family member.
* If you have a dog or cat you can turn to them for solace. Talk to them. Snuggle into their fur and cry. Sometimes a really good cry is a beneficial way to ease your sadness.
* Grab a pen and paper and write. Write until the sadness subsides.
* Delve into a hobby for distraction.

When you are angry and really want to just eat and eat and eat there are other options.

* If you are angry, take a walk. Don’t walk toward the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. Walk outside. Let the outside sounds distract you from your angry thoughts. Try walking softly as if you were trying to sneak up on someone. It’s hard to walk softly and still concentrate on an angry feeling.
* When you are angry, turn to exercise rather than food. It is definitely to your advantage to burn calories rather than to add them.
* Writing can once again be helpful to you. Write your emotions down. Write a letter to whoever or whatever is making you angry. Shred the letter after you have released your motions in it.

If you are depressed, you might think that a piece of cake or bowl of ice cream would lift your spirit. Actually, for a moment that might be true. But, not long after indulging in a sweet treat you would be experiencing feelings of guilt along with the depression.

* Instead of focusing on food, repeat a positive weight loss related affirmation to yourself. Or write it down five times, ten times, or how ever many times you need to. Focus on thoughts such as: “My body is thinner and I am healthier.” or ” I am feeling thin today.” to get you in a positive state of mind.
* List ten positive, encouraging thoughts about yourself. You can begin with “During this emotionally trying time I did not give in to the desire to find comfort in food but rather chose a healthier alternative. For that, I am proud of myself.”