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Alternative Medicine for Teething in Babies

My daughter recently called to let me know that both she and our little grandson are not getting any sleep due to a particularly hard period of teething. I have sympathy for both of them. When I try to imagine how painful it must be to have teeth emerging through a baby’s tender gums, the only experience I can come up with is how I feel after a long session in the dental chair. And this actually pales in comparison because it is a finite amount of time; usually an hour while a particular episode of teething can last days, even weeks.

Over the years, I have investigated many remedies for teething, which include putting a piece of ice in a cloth for baby to suck on, freezing bagels for baby to chew on, as well as the usual pharmaceutical pills and gels. One home remedy that an old neighbor lady swore by, which I never tried, and do not recommend, is soaking a cloth in booze and letting the baby suck on it! “That baby will quit suffering, for sure,” she would swear, “he’ll be too drunk to care.”

After some serious study, I discovered that homeopathy offers real relief for a majority of teething babies, while also helping the body’s tooth formation process as well. Homeopathy is an amazing alternative modality, which has been in continual use in Europe for as long as allopathy. Originating in Germany over two hundred years ago, an interesting historical fact about homeopathy is that records show that during the plague, villages being treated homeopathically often lost no one to the scourge, while hundreds of thousands in the wider population were dying.

While homeopathy is still often misunderstood in this country, it is greatly respected in Europe, England, and India. The Royal family of England has their own “royal” homeopathic doctor. Perhaps many people misunderstand homeopathy because it, like acupuncture, works with the subtlest forms of energy.

Basically, homeopathy is based on the principle that “like cures like”. In other words, a substance that in crude form will cause a set of symptoms, will in a minute, diluted form, alleviate those same symptoms. This is accomplished by stimulating the body’s own immune system to overcome the condition which is causing the symptoms.

By energetic form, I mean processing which includes repeated dilutions to such a degree that little or no amount of the crude substance actually exists in the final remedy. What remains is the energetic information, the blueprint of the substance, which reacts with and thus stimulates and strengthens the body’s own vital life force.

Therefore, if one takes a listing of ingredients in a homeopathic remedy at face value, one will be missing the most important point, which is that in actuality, the remedy contains little if any of the actual substance of the ingredient.

The homeopathic remedies for teething are very good, and often quickly bring pain relief and relaxation. The remedies are very mild, and the risk for toxicity is extremely low. This makes me feel more comfortable with a homeopathic teething remedy than with children’s Tylenol and the like. There are also no artificial dyes or colors. And some formulas even stimulate the teeth to form by helping the body do what it is trying to do.

Some people erroneously believe that the FDA does not regulate homeopathic medicines. However, homeopathic medicine production occurs within an FDA regulated and validated process, ensuring a proper level of consistency.

The homeopathic pharmacies processing the two most popular teething formulas have been doing so for over half a century, helping countless babies and families get through what can often be a very trying time. As a loving grandmother, I have no qualms about recommending that my daughter give our grandson a homeopathic teething remedy. In fact, I look forward to her relieved telephone call, telling me that they are both sleeping again!