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Allergies Natural Remedies at Home Remedies Allergic Reactions

There are many different types of allergies and there are also many different ways to treat those allergies. Allergy symptoms can range from something that is very subtle and not severe at all to something that can be fatal very quickly. Allergies to shellfish can commonly lead to death if the proper actions are not taken in time to save the allergic person. While there are many ways to treat allergic reactions using medical help, there are also many home remedies for allergies.

One home remedy of allergies is to drink green tea. One to two cups a day is sufficient to help to keep the allergic reactions at bay. Green tea is a natural antihistamine, which is a main ingredient in many allergy medications that can be taken over the counter. If there is no way to completely avoid a certain substance that you are allergic to, drinking green tea can help to keep the allergic reaction from becoming more severe.

Another home remedy of allergies is honey. Whether you use it to sweeten tea or other foods, or you eat it plain, it is important to not cook it, because it loses it allergy benefits. Ingesting honey can help you to resistant to certain pollens that are commonly found outside in the warmer months of the year.

You can also use saline solution in the nasal passages to help to clear away toxins or other debris from the nose which may trigger an allergic reaction. If these things are not cleared away, an upper respiratory reaction can occur.

It has also been said that a daily dose of vitamin C helps the immune system to fight off disease and it also helps the body to determine what is a harmful threat to it and what is not, reducing the instance of an allergic reaction or at least cutting down on the severity of the allergic reaction. Keeping your immune system in tip top shape is key to making sure that it reacts to the things that it should and doesn’t act unnecessarily to the things that are not harmful.

Out of all of the home remedies that are discussed, drinking green tea daily and ingesting honey either in your tea or plain have been used for centuries for a variety of different reasons. These treatments have been used to treat many illnesses and there are many doctors and others in the medical profession who profess as to the great benefits of green tea and honey. My grandmother used to say that drinking green tea helps to boost the immune system to protect the body from illness and to help people live longer. Just replace your daily coffee with the same amount of green tea will leave you feeling more energized and healthy in just a few days.