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Allergies in the Springwhat Makes you Sick in the Springpollen Allergiesdust Mites

Through the seasons you’re likely to fall into daily habits that suit you. Everyone has their own routines and everyday habits. But what is it about the spring that all of a sudden makes you sick? How might your routines have changed so much that they make you feel ill or off-colour when earlier in the year you were fine?

The spring often brings an uplift of spirits as the sun starts shining, days lengthen and the world gets warmer. It’s the season when windows are thrown open to air the house and how wonderful it is to stand and take long deep breaths of fresh air. Only if you suffer from allergies, the arrival of spring also brings with it the start of the pollen season!

Allergies related to airborne pollens released by trees, weeds and grasses as they pollinate usually involve respiratory problems. Symptoms of pollen allergy include a runny nose, sneezing, headaches, coughing and itchy and watery eyes. Although these allergens can be present all year round, they are usually heightened in the spring and as the season progresses, different types of pollen could well trigger different allergic reactions.

If therefore, you have a daily habit of walking, spending time in the garden or you like to have your windows open and you find yourself getting sick through pollen allergy you may have to avoid environments or habits that make the symptoms worse. Windy days for instance will have greater quantities of pollen in the air.

Spring is also the time many people will start their ‘spring cleaning’ but falling into daily routines that involve new cleaning products or disturbing dust, mould and other ordinary household grime can again cause allergies. On the plus side, having a good clear out and getting rid of articles, clothes and items that are causing clutter will also help cut down on dust throughout the rooms.

So, if you find yourself sneezing, sniffing and coughing due to all the dust spring-cleaning disturbs, the good news is: your suffering will be temporary and a clutter-free environment over the months ahead will also be easier to clean!

Cleaning products contain chemicals that might cause an allergic reaction. Choose hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products if you are prone to excema or asthma. You might also wear an allergy-relief-mask while cleaning so you breathe in less dust and allergens.

So as to return to daily habits and minimise your chance of getting sick in the summer, use your spring-cleaning routine as a chance to destroy all mould and mildew in bathrooms and kitchen. Thoroughly scrub tiles, floors, sinks and baths; clean under the refrigerator and wash or replace shower curtains.

In the bedroom, wash all bedding thoroughly and use detergents that help kill dust mites to eradicate allergens. Remember too that dust mites live in carpets and upholstery and these can make you sick, not just in the spring, but in all seasons.

With the coming of spring you might find yourself taking on more commitments and adding new responsibilities to your daily routine. These may not seem a lot in themselves but little things can build up and cause a lot of stress. Mini stressors when added together as they become part of your everyday routine can make you sick as eventually all those jobs you still have to do, messages to deliver, phone calls to make will add up making you tense, anxious and stressed-out.

With a little care, you can avoid becoming sick this spring. Or at least you can make an effort to reduce the chance of allergic reactions or becoming frazzled through taking on too much. With a little effort you can make sure your spring clean leaves your home spotless and allergy-free and your lifestyle gives you plenty chance for relaxation!