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Alcoholism are you an Alcoholic

Unfortunately? The only cure for alcoholism is too simply quit drinking. Which is extremely complicated if a person has been drinking their entire lives. Alcoholism is primarily based on a daily, year after year life-style addiction. Some doctors have stated that this slow disease is hereditary? Others have stated that it’s a mild pain-relieving legal drug that affects millions of people use everyday.

“The problem is? How much is enough? Ironically? Human beings all around the world seem to have this problem. Some people develop alcoholism even though no one in their family has a drinking problem. In AA meetings, also known as Alcoholics Anonymous, they ask other members “what is your drug of choice?”

In other words? “What drug and or drug(s) do you use to get high on?” Although, alcohol is the most acceptable choice of drug for human beings world-wide, simply because “it’s legal” and easy to buy at your local store or bar, especially here in the USA. This particular “Drug of Choice” has consumed many peoples lives and families on a year after year basis mostly because of daily habit.

The same as buying a pack of cigarettes or even a gallon of milk on your way home from work? “Which means that it’s always there?” A lot of members of AA have stated with their “Drug of Choice” and used legal prescription as a mixture too get a more “High in Life” to relieve the pains of mostly stress and human bodily pains. (Doctors and health care providers very rarely ever prescribe using alcohol as a daily treatment for pain?).

Instead? They prefer prescribing “pain killer” medications for their patients, which can eventually lead to a harmful and even deadly mixed addiction that they may not be aware of, depending on how much pain medication they have taken at the time and alcohol drinking. Diabetic and High blood pressure patients should always proceed with caution regarding the use of “how much alcohol consumption” used with their daily drugs.

The question still remains? “Do you feel that you are an alcoholic personally?” One of the most important parts of daily drinking or even drug abuse is? “How has this affected my daily responsibilities?” Do I truly CARE about what’s happening in my life and the people or the job I love?. Or would I rather think about my next drink or drug of choice everyday whenever I wake up?.

“Ironically?” The number #1 problem is always? “Have I recently been keeping up with my responsibilities such as family members, jobs, financial situations and even friends the way I used to in my daily life for years and years? Most alcoholics and drug abusers state that “I will try to slow down?” And remand or correct the mistakes I have made in the past months or even years, but never do in life.

This is most likely the best way to tell if a person is addicted severely? Meaning that “if you can’t slow down” with your alcohol or even drug abuse problem, then you most likely need to quit and seek help, within a 30-90 day hospital treatment program. These programs are absolutely incredible given the fact that they get into “the heart of the subject of somethings that’s bugging you in life?”

With other members that seem to have the same problem as you, in what they call group therapy. “This sounds horrific at the time?” And you mostly likely think?” How can I share my real problems with other human beings? “These guys at the local bar don’t seem to care about my problems?” They just want to get drunk and mix drugs, have a good time and possibly lose their entire life’s in the near future. “Who Cares?”

“Have you ever noticed?” That whenever other people seem to quit drinking alcohol at a social event? You seem to continue drinking for some strange reason?” Have you thought about why is this so? Everyone around me is having a good time and stopped drinking, especially at wedding receptions or restaurant social events, but yet, I want to continue drinking for some odd and unexplained reason?

This social event may not agreed with you personally? So you decide to drink more alcohol or take more drugs to simply relieve the pain of emotional stress that you are feeling at the time. “You are probably thinking?” If I take more drugs and mix alcohol, I will fit in better regarding this particular social event? Everyone will love me forever”

Remember that drugs and alcohol are mind altering chemicals. You were not born with these substances or harmful chemicals in your body. Trying to give up drinking alcohol or harmful addicting drugs can be a long drawn-out and even painful process, but can be rewarding in your future life as a decent and respectable human being.