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Alcohol Rehab Center

Outpatient alcohol rehab centers are ideal for individuals who are strongly committed to ending their alcohol dependency and who prefer less-supervised and structured treatment. Outpatient alcohol rehab centers provide a path to recovery that does not require residency or isolate you from your everyday life (as inpatient alcohol rehab centers do), so those with lower-level alcohol addictions are more likely to prosper in an outpatient setting.

With research, you can locate the outpatient alcohol rehab center that is your best match. Look at available options and consider how each treatment program will fit with your schedule, goals, and restrictions. Is an all-day treatment program for you, or would you prefer an evening support group? Can you afford treatment at an alcohol rehab center, or will you require financial assistance? Contacting an alcohol rehab facility directly should give you a sense of whether the center can provide you with the help that you need in a style that resonates with you.

To locate alcohol rehab centers, check out the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration website (www.findtreatment.samhsa.gov), which offers the most comprehensive national resource for locating substance abuse treatment facilities. SAMHSA provides free referrals to fully certified alcohol rehab centers through their hotline and online search portal. The hotline (800-662-HELP) provides human assistance in English, Spanish, and TTD. The web database lists more than 11,000 substance abuse rehab centers, including outpatient alcohol rehab centers. A quick search locates facilities close to you based on your state and city. With the “Detailed Search” feature, you can specify facilities that cater to a special interest (such as programs for adolescents or for men), seek treatment centers based on language requirements, or search based on your preferred form of payment. Search results include the rehab facility’s contact information, services provided, type of care, payment options, languages spoken, and website. These results are updated weekly, and new facilities, including alcohol rehab centers, are added to the database each month. However, you are unable to specify which substance you are hoping to treat in your search query, so you will need to contact each facility directly to ensure that it is an alcohol rehab center. And, SAMSHA does not endorse or recommend any alcohol rehab centers.

Through the SAMHSA site, you can surf to the online home for state substance abuse agencies, which generally operate under the state’s Department of Health or Department of Human Services. Each agency website lists state-specific treatment policies and resources. SAMHSA recommends that individuals who have been court-ordered to seek treatment do so through the state agency or local criminal justice system.

Your physician, therapist, or health insurance provider may be able to refer you directly to an outpatient alcohol rehab center that will meet your needs and fit your personality. You can also locate local groups by browsing the “Alcoholism” section in the yellow pages.

And, be sure to consider voluntary support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (www.aa.org) or Rational Recovery (www.rational.org), to supplement your outpatient alcohol rehab center treatment.