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Alcohol Addiction or Alcohol or Alcohol Stages or Alcoholic or Beer or Drinker

What is an alcohol addiction?

You’re addicted to alcohol if you drink so much that your health, work and or your social life will suffer and can’t stop drinking. Often it are people who somehow find relief for stress, uncertainty, but also physical symptoms.

The problem with alcohol is that it often helps people in the beginning to feel better but start to drink more and more when things aren’t going so well and before they know they can’t handle life without alcohol. Addiction often starts innocently with a glass here and there, but it becomes often more a habit than an exception.

How does an alcohol addiction develop?

There are different stages of alcohol addiction that usually develop:

Stage one: The innocent drinker

An alcohol addiction often develop in a way most people are not aware of. They are often situations where people drink more than they planned and this happens often at social events like dinner. You plan to have only two beers but you will quickly have four. This is due that alcohol changes your way of thinking and makes you to think less critical about for example drinking more alcohol.

Stage two: The more conscious drinker

A innocent drinker doesn’t need to become an addict until that person consciously choose to drink too much. It is also secretly drinking, feeling guilty for drinking and thinking a lot about alcohol. They often drink so much that they totally drunk and can not function without alcohol in certain situations. For example with birthdays or other social or stressful situations. These are situations that a person would avoid especially if there’s no drinking involved or a person starts to drink a lot during these events. Other signs that start to show are trembling or shaking body parts like the hand. This is often combined with eating less.

Stage Three: The denial drinker

At this stage it often goes wrong and the person drinks more and more to suppress feelings as guilt, depression and discomfort. An alcoholic is often insecure or very unhappy and feels very uncomfortable which is only enhanced by alcohol in the longer term. The person tries to drink more to feel better and even starts in the morning to get over his hangover. When confronted about his addiction the person will deny his problem and say everything is ok. The person normally thinks he can handle the alcohol and that there’s nothing wrong. People often reach this stage due a event in somebody’s life, like the loss of a loved one or even the loss of his job.

Stage four: The uncontrollable drinker

At this stage the drinker will quickly deal with medical problems such as liver damage and internal bleeding, but also heart attacks and stroke can result. Psychological problems also occur frequently as depression, insomnia and even suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, these problems disappear in most cases when a person stops drinking. To get a good idea what kind of impact alcohol can have is that a alcoholic wakes up in the middle of the night shaking and needs alcohol in order to make his body relax so that he can sleep again. Beer doesn’t help in this case only a few glasses of strong alcohol.

The main problem is that an alcoholic isolates himself from the outside world and family and friends and by this he doesn’t get the help he needs.