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Against Government Run Health Care – No

Two words: HELL, NO!

Do I really have to teach a class on what liberty is supposed to be in America? Liberty gives the citizens the power over what the government does, and specifically NOT the reverse.

What is meant by a public option?

A public option the plan of the Democrats and Chairman Obama is designed to offer below-cost insurance to those people who are currently listed as uninsured with regard to health insurance.

The plan would be levied in three acts:

1. The government would select a company, for instance, Government Employees’ Insurance Company (GEICO), to offer a plan to cover basic medical care, that is, routine doctor visits, pharmacy visits, yearly exams all the things currently considered preventative care.

2. The government would disclose the terms as below the costs of employer-provided coverage, and price-control the cost below most major and minor health insurances to encourage enrollment in the government-sponsored plan (GSE).

3. The government would then be able to decide which procedures to pay for under the proposed plan effectively rationing care for those individuals who would cost the most to bring back to health seniors, premature babies, people who are accident prone, and of course, in a slap to the face for those who defend our liberty, veterans.

That said, there are many problems with this. The public option takes health care out of its marketplace and places its future in the hands of the same government that cannot seem to regulate its own spending. Talk about a giant Ponzi scheme! It would be like trusting your money to grow in the hands of a spendthrift who doesn’t account for the ways he would spend it.

Second, the government would be taking control of 16% or one-sixth of the national economy as it stands now. With unemployment continually on the rise, (and it will keep rising), the Congress will levy a fine on those businesses who either cannot afford to offer health insurance to their workers or cannot compete with the types of care initially offered by the government plan. Unemployment will soar to around 35% if this happens. The resulting economic catastrophe and calamity associated with it, will make the Depression of the 1930’s look like a single bear day on Wall Street, and it will remake the economic landscape of America into a planned centralized economy, like the USSR of the 1950s-1991, or pre-acquisition of Hong Kong China. This is what Chairman Obama wants.

Third, because the government is sponsoring this public option, they would get to decide what to fund, how much to fund, and when the public option would become the public requisite. I would like to believe that there are still some self-respecting Americans that don’t want to be ordered what to do by their government.

Fourth, this plan will devastate the medical community from doctors to nurses to care workers to pharmaceutical concerns because government control stunts growth by curtailing innovation of new medicines, new treatments, alternative (homeopathic) treatments, and new equipment.

Finally, the politicians are attempting to exempt themselves from such the system the Chairman wants passed for the rest of the American people. Since when has this great country known as the United States been ruled by ochlocracy (mob rule)? With the public option, that’s the slippery slope down which we are headed.

Anyone for some soma? Just like the Aldous Huxley novel, Brave New World, Chairman Obama and cohorts would have the say in doling out the soma to the masses. Some people are fine with that being the outcome, I certainly am not.