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Advantages of Interval Training

Are you ready to burn calories and fat all in the same workout without the expense and boredom of the traditional gym workout programs? Interval training may be your ticket to burning those pesky calories in a hurry. Face it, as with any exercise training, burning calories is the name of the game and interval training IS the name of the game that burns calories. Interval training is exercising at an intense level for a given amount of time (between 15 seconds and 20 minutes) and then resting for a given set of time. The rest or recovery periods are gated only by your fitness level. An intense level and rest level are combined in sets. Interval training utilizes a series of these sets to be a beneficial program. Often the number of sets in interval training is 10. The intervals are important. If you do not perform the intervals then the program produces no different results than standard aerobic workouts.

Intensity is an important piece to each interval training workout. Intensity is how hard that you push yourself in the intense level of the workout. The beauty of interval training is you can chose your workout intensity that fits your personal fitness level. Intensity can often be expressed on a scale from 1 to 10. A one on the scale wouldn’t push you very hard and a ten on the scale would be as intense as you could possibly make the workout.

Interval training will help with your exercise results in a number of ways:

1) Burning more calories – Since your body stays in the optimum intensity level you burn calories at an elevated level. This is why we exercise. If we aren’t burning calories then there isn’t any reason to be intensely working out.

2) Boredom- You are constantly cycling between intensity and rest/recovery cycles. This prevents you from getting in a constant set routine that simply just gets boring. Take your interval training outdoors and you can really ward off the boredom by seeing new places, wildlife, and meeting other people during your exercise.

3) No out of pocket expense- Interval training does not require a gym membership. You can get out and start exercising and burning calories in a matter of just a few minutes and save extra cash.

The great thing about interval training is the exercise can be running or aerobic walking, so you are sure to find a exercise method that is fun and enjoyable for you.