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Advantages of Exercise Videos

The winter makes it much more difficult to exercise outdoors. Activities like running, biking and swimming may be all but banished under snowfall and chilly temperatures. One option to spice up a winter routine is to use DVD workouts. These can be used on their own or in conjunction with other indoor exercises such as a weight machine, elliptical machine, arc trainer or treadmill.

Many fitness DVDs offer cardio routines. These heart-healthy exercises keep the heart beating fast consistently and can help you lose weight. There are many fun styles that can chase away the winter blues. You might want something like Zumba, which can help you burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. They also make many different themed fitness routines. Some combine dance, and you may feel like you are at a winter dance party instead of exercising to lose weight, keep healthy and stay fit. Many of them have great music to keep you moving such as the “oldies” with Richard Simmons’ videos. Some of them even include belly dancing. Many feature celebrities, which can be fun for people who like the entertainment world.

Fitness DVDs may also include weight training as well. With just a few weights and simple items such as a chair and your own body weight, you can work out many of the muscles of your arms, legs, back, stomach and more. This can make up for driving through the snow to get to the gym.

Fitness DVDs can be great for winter exercising because they will often include an entire fitness routine. Some will include interval training where you do both cardio and weight training. Another great thing is that you can get a video that will target your exact skills and abilities. Novices can purchase low impact videos while advanced users can choose much more skilled ones. Also, some videos target particular areas such as the abdomen.

If you spend a lot of time exercising in the house on a treadmill or bicycle then you might want to add in a DVD here and there just to give you something different to do. You can also alternate between different DVDs so that you always feel like you are doing something different. This also helps you work out different muscle groups.

Fitness DVDs are an excellent option for those who want an interesting fitness regiment from the comfort of their own homes. Try different videos to keep your routine varied and fun.