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Acupoint Therapy Versus Acupuncture

Two of the most popular types of ancient Chinese medicine are acupuncture and acupoint therapy. Both treatments have many similarities, but they also have many differences. The main difference between acupoint therapy and acupuncture is that acupoint therapy does not involve needles. To better understand the similarities and differences between acupoint therapy and acupuncture, let’s examine the essentials of both forms of Chinese medicine.


Both acupuncture and acupoint therapy revolve around what the ancient Chinese referred to as meridians. These meridians are lines along the body that correspond to the yin and the yang of the body’s inner workings. Yin meridians correspond with the body’s parasympathetic nervous system while yang meridians correspond with the body’s sympathetic nervous system. By stimulating yin and yang meridians, the body reacts in such a way that a natural harmony is restored.

Acupoint Therapy

In acupoint therapy, the main tool is a stick with a small ball at the end of it. A practitioner will take the stick and run it along a meridian to stimulate it. Some practitioners prefer to stimulate certain points along the meridian rather than the meridian as a whole. In either case, the stick is used to stimulate the yin and/or yang parts of the meridian that seem to be causing problems so a sense of balance will be restored within the body.


The ideas behind acupuncture are the same as the ideas behind acupoint therapy. The main difference lies within the tool used in the practice. In acupuncture, thin and flexible needles are inserted into the yin and yang meridian points. Please note that these needles do not hurt the recipients, though there may be a bit of tenderness if the needles are flicked or otherwise stimulated. By inserting needles into the proper meridians, the body will be put back into balance, thus stopping any ailments that were putting it out of harmony.


Both acupoint therapy and acupuncture have lived up to the test of healing people. While the Western world often questions the efficiency of these procedures due to a lack of scientific understanding, the Eastern world has healed countless people over the centuries. For those thinking of undergoing acupoint therapy or acupuncture, both treatments are considered to be equally effective.

The important thing to discover is which treatment is best for the individual in question. Different methods work for different people, so each person must make his or her own decision regarding the best form of medical treatment. Since neither of these treatments are harmful or invasive, some people find that the best way to discover the right treatment plan is to try both. It can’t hurt to try but it can certainly help.