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Acai Side Effects

Acai Berry Extract – Not The Solution To Healthy Fast Dieting

The diet phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Many hundreds of products are currently available that draw buyers into speedy and drastic outcomes with little to no work in losing weight. One solution is the Acai Berry which is a very rare fruit grown from the Acai plant. Like the majority of weight loss marketing techniques, producers of Acai berry maintain that their answer to swift and balanced weight reduction is most definitely the very best answer in your case.

Although the Acai is relatively healthful for the human body in modest quantities, it most definitely is not the key to rapid dieting.
The perfect solution is to quick dieting is not the Acai Berry due to the very nature of dieting. When on a diet program, take into account the length of time it took to gain the extra weight you are attempting to lose. The length of time taken to sensibly lose the weight won’t be as long as the time taken to put it on, but it will still take some time – no sensible weight loss can be instantaneous!

The anti-oxidants present in the Acai berry do help in flushing your body of toxins and regulate your digestive system; however, the appetite suppressant and anti-oxidant qualities of Acai berries will only flush your current system and not allow it to take as much in. Your system must still adapt to metabolic shock connected with diet and increase in function with time.
In recent times a fresh Acai fruit drink marketplace demand within the USA and several other countries, has resulted from slick marketing activities surrounding a number of new Acai berry product launches. It almost seems that the USA is in the grip of an “Acai phenomenon” due to several extensive and costly advertising programs, touting Acai as the latest, wonder berry of the Amazon.

Many of the promises being made for Acai berry drink are astounding … including fat loss and the lowering of cholesterol as well as treating of cancer.

Dubiously, Acai berry juice, is joining those now relatively common plant products which have produced the most millionaires in the United States MLM / network marketing fraternity, Aloe, Mangosteen Goji and Noni. As a result of Acai’s growing name recognition and also to the lack of testing techniques to establish its quality and amount of active ingredient, money grubbing suppliers, agents and manufacturers regularly extend tiny quantities of authentic Acai berry extract or powder to actually make tens or even hundreds of litres or pounds of completed Acai beverage, reaping considerable and outrageous profits. The taste of the Acai juice or beverage you encounter could well be primarily due to citric acid and synthetic flavours added during the manufacturing process of the Acai beverage.

The Acai berry isn’t the perfect solution is for fast dieting also due to the lasting side-effects of appetite suppressants. While controlling your appetite, you are depriving your system of necessary nutrition for survival. This, consequently, may cause your metabolic rate to quit functioning correctly and store surplus fat for future energy usage. This, in turn, will create a extended period of time necessary to lose that freshly stored fat. Acai berry, when chosen for a dieting aid can actually multiply the time in which you will reach your perfect bodyweight – which is unlikely to be your intention!