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A Pill to Stop Masturbation – Yes

This is a great idea! but why call this pill “stay-faithful”? Why worry about a partner just yet? what about single people? I believe the purpose of this pill could be just about one’s personal morals and peace of mind and feeling of wholeness. Let’s take masturbation as an example. I understand masturbation is considered the mildest of the potential synonyms of fornication. Mild because of the fact that it does not involve a second party? That fact actually drives some to not even consider it a sin. Anyway I personally masturbated today, just a few hours ago. I did it once. I was tempted to go ahead and enjoy a second orgasm, but a voice inside of me suggested that I get out of that bed for God’s sake and get cleaned up! I was actually having a ball earlier watching Mama Mia with Meryl Streep, beautiful pictures by the way, I was transposed to Greece for a minute, and the music! did you know it was a musical?

Now I am sitting here feeling really bad and kind of shameful. I am thinking “I should be stronger than that”, I am questionning myself “why did I even stop the movie I was watching?” And trust me this feeling and I are not strangers. I knew I would feel this way, ashamed of myself, not undertanding why my carnality always wins over my spirituality. That’s what happens to humans, that’s what we do. Before the act, I always tap myself on the shoulder, persuading myself that it’s a very natural act, a simple response to my anatomy’s demands and that it was just like being hungry and having a sandwich. But somehow, I never feel this way after having one sandwich too much, I don’t feel guilty and weak and somewhat dirty like this. Maybe I would if I was 300 pounds and was really not that hungry, I guess I would have to check with the 300 pounders on that one.
The bottom line is we all think that masturbation, just to name one of the many sexual problems, is biologically normal, that it’s a natural urge or better, a need. We are in denial. After we commit the act we always ironically, despite what our carnal mind tries to say, feel guilty of some kind of uncleanness, shame, weakness, something called SIN? Why is that? Is it the God that’s inside of all of us? He is in each one of us and we are all in Him. I am a 34 year old single female, I am currently a Christian and this has nothing to do with religion. Believe me this feeling of guilt was there when I was 15 and not even sure about religion. Yes that is how long I have been masturbating. As soon as we reach the age of reason, wether we were raised in a religious environment or not, I think guilt always pays us a visit when we behave in those very ways that God hates. It doesn’t matter if we believe in him or not. Now if you are trying to reach a certain level of spirituality, like I am, if you are trying to live by the word of God, that feeling of guilt is agonizing, it takes away a big chunk of your security and assurance of your divine identity.
Anyway I just came from the pharmacy, I was actually just looking for a little note book. I couldn’t help cruising towards the vitamin isle, wondering what if. I went through the whole isle and truly wished they had a pill with no serious side effects, something reversible that I could take to help with sexual urges until I get married. Orgasms last a few seconds but here I am going on my 4th hour of guilt and shame, and It’s not really worth it. And I know I am not the only one in this pit. I really didn’t want to start the year 2009 succombing to the works of my flesh! So please someone make the pill, whatever you want to call it, “stay-faithful”, “stay-whole”, when it gets down to it, it really doesn’t matter what it’s called, as long as it gets the job done. I say go for it!