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A Health Club that’s right for you

It’s time to get fit and it’s time to stop beating around the bush about what you’re going to do, but never do, exercise and tone up your muscles and, in fact, your whole life. Health clubs and fitness centers abound and your excuse for not finding the right is running out of steam.

Health clubs

Health clubs are more personable than fitness centers. They take the whole person into consideration and like the individuals they cater to, are individual and no two are alike. They range from a scheduled meeting in a community center two or three times a week for exercise, a cup of tea, conversation and a leader who is part of the group, to clubs that charge fees to join.

Informal health clubs

You start your search by finding a club that understands your particular need: day care for your three year old son, wheelchair accessibility, conversation, special needs education that’ll help you cope with your own limitations and on and on the list goes. Maybe what you need is a health club where healthy living is the topic of conversation.

Usually hospitals and clinics sponsor these as community resources as free offerings and the public is invited to attend. However useful these may be, they’re not exactly what an individual with varying needs who wants more of a broadening wellness program than a diabetic control, cardiovascular, organ replacement, stroke recovery atmosphere have to offer.

Health clubs that charge fees

Health clubs that you pay fees to join are business enterprises that cater to the health concerns of individuals who are looking for ways to improve their health while at the same time enjoying the company of others. At these facilities they find uplifting and professional exercise programs, help with dieting, tips on how to maneuver through life’s labyrinthine corridors and come out unscathed and other ventures that one can’t find alone at home reading a book or surfing the web. In other words these health clubs are designed to get people together where they can live life well if for only a few short hours a week.

Health clubs are trendy

Being human is recognized as normal at health clubs and no matter the indiscretion, alcoholism, addiction to drugs, anger, there’s a club designed to wash away the sin and to present to the public a renewed human being. In a world that’s beginning to address the foibles of humanity, health clubs do it in a way that removes much of the sting of having committed the crime of over indulgence and misuse of one’s life.

The importance of high profile health clubs

The above explanation of how high society at large addresses concerns the world at large is reluctant to talk about, tends to show biased judgment against the less fortunate. That’s not the intention however. These high profile health clubs are good role models for poor people who aspire to live better lives but cannot afford to attend expensive health clubs.

To err is human, to forgive divine

The message often heard when groups of people get together and share common faults and failures is healing and this is health care at its best. Believe it or not, health clubs that charge fees have two things in mind, to make money and to heal people by getting them to understand their own thinking, acting and living processes. The best ones change that around and have as their priority to heal people and in order to do so, they must make money.

Fitness centers

In the distant past about all there was to fitness centers was the neighborhood gym and workout center. Now fitness centers have taken over these smelly places and have made them not only socially acceptable but have delegated them to a higher purpose. Potential athletes have no problem finding training centers catering to their particular sport that will give them a leg up on their Olympian yearnings.

Workouts designed to get the body moving whether it’s scaling mountains, playing basketball, dancing, or simply walking is best done at fitness centers. They’re a part of rehabilitation centers and their one track mind is to push the capacity of muscles, nerves and human endeavor to the limits of endurance toward their fitness aim,

What are you waiting for? Check with your local paper to see what is being advertised, written about and what health clubs and fitness centers are near you. After that, check out the yellow pages and call around until you know what’s available and what is applicable to you. If you have trouble finding anything near what you have in mind, why not get with others, sports equipment stores, clinics, hospitals, schools, neighbors, or whatever, and start your own.

New Years is only around the corner and you’ll want to be able to show off a bit by announcing your New Year’s resolution after you’ve gotten everything for old time’s sake in proper perspective.