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A Guide to Preconception Yoga

Preconception Yoga can help you to embark on a journey to motherhood. Infertility can be due various reasons. If one of the reasons pertain to blocked fallopian tubes, thyroids, general anemia, then yoga can help to improve your chances of becoming a mother.

There are seated yoga poses like the Lotus pose (Padmasana), Easy pose (Sukhasana), and Perfect pose (Siddhasana) which are useful for improving your fertility by nourishing and stimulating your reproductive organs like the uterus, and ovaries.

The conscious controlled breathing that accompanies these exercises also calms your mind and builds around you a positive outlook that helps to prepare you for motherhood. They also help to ease your blood pressure, soothe your nerves and regulate your pulse rate and heart beats. This helps you to be at ease with yourself.

The leg stretching exercises like the supine hip twist, help to open up your pelvic section, and make it more agile. They also help to open up your fallopian tubes, and increase the flow of blood towards the pelvic area to nourish it. These poses also stimulate the reproductive organs to function more efficiently.

Here we describe a few yoga poses that you should include in your daily yoga practice for improving your chances of becoming a mother. There could be more such sequences depending on the asanas (poses) you make a part of your sequence.

You can start with the head to knee forward bend. Sit on a yoga mat with your legs stretched down your hips and arms by your sides. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, bend forward to lower your head towards your knees. If you can bend enough for your forehead to touch the knees, that would be great. But if that is not possible, you may bend as much as you comfortably can. Keep breathing in this position and then exit this pose by lifting your torso and return to the normal seated position.

Continue this sequence by doing the Sarvangasana or Shoulder stand. This is an inversion pose and you start doing this from a supine position and lift your legs to make them vertical. Bend your arms from the elbows and place your elbows against your back to support your posture. Stay in this posture for between three to five minutes before exiting by slowly lowering your legs to the floor.

Other poses that can help in improving fertility include the Cat-cow pose where from a position of being on all fours you curve your back up and down in alternate movements. The supine hip twist is a pose that stimulates your reproductive organs, as you lie down supine and lift your left leg to bring it over and across your right leg and then repeat this movement by lifting your right leg over and across your left leg.


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