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A Guide to Hypnosis for Weight Loss

When considering hypnosis to help with your weight loss goals, it’s important to first understand a little about what it is and how it works. The general idea is to relax the mind and body to the point that the conscious mind goes to sleep. This does not mean you are under the complete control of the hypnotist, instead, you are susceptible to their suggestions.

How it works:

When the sub-conscious mind is given suggestions, our nature is to act on them as if they were true. This is the same idea as repetitive affirmations, after continuously hearing, reading and listening to the same idea, your mind begins to accept it as reality. This will create new habits based on the new ideas. When we believe we eat healthy and are at our ideal weight, we begin to act accordingly.

Where to find a Hypnotherapist:

You can check with your medical doctor or visit the National Association of Hypnotherapists website. You can search for certified Hypnotherapists in by area, gender and specialty.

What to expect:

While each therapist has their own method, there are some things that are common among all of them. The first phase is to enter a deep state of relaxation. This is normally done by guided talk, relaxing every part of your body, and deep breathing. Once the person gets in to a relaxed state, the therapist will begin to make suggestions about diet, ideal weight or anything else the client is working on. They will usually end this phase by stating the end result as fact. The next phase is to gently bring the person to a fully awakened state and the session is over.

The therapist may give tapes and affirmations to be listened to and read at home, which will enhance the sessions in the office. The sessions or treatments are normally done over several weeks, usually one or two sessions per week.

Does it work?

Hypnosis is a form of behavior modification and has shown to be useful when combined with a diet and fitness program. Hypnosis is a way to reinforce goals that are already in place and to assist with motivation.

A successful weight loss program depends on eating the right foods, incorporating some sort of fitness and then having the state of mind and motivation to stick with it. Most diets fail, not because of the diet, but the will power and motivation tends to weaken with time. When hypnosis is used as one aspect of a weight loss program, it can be very helpful.

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