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A Good Process for Making serious Decisions

When faced with making a serious decision you’d be wise to consider recommended processes to help you pick the right choice. Decision making can be difficult when you’re unsure about what you really want, or what the outcome of going down a particular route will be. Knowing how to examine possibilities, provide yourself with choice, and use the power of visualisation will help you, as will asking for advice and weighing up options.

Identify the best outcome

Decisions are all about change. Altering your life, even in a small way can be stressful when you aren’t sure what you want, or what making a decision will do to alter your world. All decision making provides an end result. Identify and clarify what you hope the outcome of your decision making will be.

Weigh options

A simple method of assessing advantages and disadvantages of each choice available to you is to write them down on paper. Make two columns, one for what will be positive if you make a certain choice, and another about what could be negative. Once this is achieved narrow down your options until you have the two most favorable before you, and then use a similar process to weigh up which is the best of the two.


Another useful process is to use visualisation to assess possible outcomes of making a decision. Take each decision available to you in turn, and while relaxed and with eyes closed, imagine different scenarios which are likely to occur should you follow a particular choice. Sometimes our unconscious is wise, and can provide us with the answers we seek.

Ask for help

Seeking ideas, inspiration and advice from role models is a good idea. People you trust, and know provide wise counsel, can help by turning over options and pointing out consequences, both good and bad, which you may never have thought of yourself. Asking someone who’s different to you, who has differing life experiences to yours, can provide you with the best insight you’ve been blind to achieving by yourself.

Art therapy

If the decision you need to make is about what you want, consider using art as a means of delving into your psyche, and bypassing guilt and a sense of feeling overwhelmed. You don’t need to go to a professional art therapist, and can carry out the process by yourself at home.

Provide yourself with plenty of blank drawing paper, and colored pens. Then, without giving any thought to what you’re going to draw, use the pens to make a picture symbolising your true feelings. Concentrate on each option in turn, and play around with the idea by using the same process to draw possible outcomes relating to making particular choices.

When you’ve finished, take at look at your works of art and examine them. While casting your eye over the pictures take note of any imagery you’ve used. Some will be happy, positive imagery, while other may reveal hidden anxiety and fears. The colors used will also indicate your true feelings. Black and grey may symbolise negativity, whereas neutral colors show a lack of motivation. Bright colors can mean a positive and happy outcome, while a mishmash of colors could mean confusion and inner turmoil.

All of the processes above can be used when you need to make an important decision. A serious decision calls for better decision making processes to be used than simply pulling a piece of paper out of a hat, and picking a choice to follow at random. Use all, or just one or two decision making processes mentioned, and you’re sure to have a better understanding of what you should be doing to best suit you, and your situation.