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3 Secrets to Diet Success

Set yourself up for dieting success by understanding these three secrets. Many people have started out on a diet only to come up against road blocks. These dieting secrets will make any weight loss plan easier.

1. Make a Plan

Every diet requires a plan. If you fail to create a plan, it’s very hard to change the habits that you’ve established over time. The first step to creating a plan is to have a goal in mind. Goals should be measurable and time specific. Once you have a goal in mind, learn what it’s going to take to reach that goal. Get specific. Don’t leave anything to chance. Consult a food database to learn the calories of the meals and snacks you love.

2. Be Consistent

Sometimes dieters are very determined to lose weight for their first week of dieting, but after that, they fall back into old habits and regain the initial loss. Don’t let this happen to you. By using your smart phone and a journal, you can continue to hold yourself accountable. Make it a habit to enter every snack and meal into your mobile food diary. That way, you’ll be able to account for the calories you have taken in and be certain that you’re staying in your goal range.

3. Celebrate Success

Changing habits is hard work, especially habits relating to eating. We eat at social occasions and for emotional reasons. We eat to nourish our bodies and we eat out of habit. Creating new healthy habits is not easy, so when you make progress pay attention. Reward your accomplishments to reinforce the behavior that allowed you to make progress. It’s tempting to put off celebrating success until you reach your ultimate goal weight. But, by celebrating in increments for the progress you make along the way, you’re cementing the positive new habits you’re forming.

The best weight loss plans are those that can be easily integrated into you life both while you’re in the process of losing weight as well as later when you’re maintaining your goal weight. Exercise is another important aspect of not only weight loss, but in maintaining overall good health. Using an exercise tracker can make keeping track of your workouts easier. It’s also a great way to chart progress. As most diets are ongoing and require persistence, it’s good to remember where you began and how much you’ve accomplished along the way. It can be useful to reward yourself for reaching weight loss and exercise milestones with healthy treats. Rewards that are linked to the behavior you’re celebrating can reinforce your good habits. For example, trying a new sport or activity or buying an item of clothing in your new size will remind you the benefits of reaching your weight-loss milestones.