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Weight Loss Facts

The issue of weight loss surrounds everyone’s life at some point in time. Unless you were born as one of those lucky people who naturally keeps your weight in proportion to your size, you have probably struggled through a few times where you were “dieting” or “watching what you ate.” …

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Living Gluten Free

We stood in the grocery store cereal aisle and my daughter had a look of delight as we perused the box covers to see gluten free marked on the General Mills box of Chex brand cereal. Her delight was mirrored by mine because she actually would get to choose one …

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Exercise in a Pill Aicar

We all know that working out is not an easy task, let alone making it a part of our daily or weekly routine. However, skipping exercise by popping a pill may not be the solution to our problems. There may be serious future health implications that have not yet been …

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Physical Therapy Information

Physical Therapy Information – Physiotherapy and After Physiotherapy is a tough prospect. Just to keep doing it requires immense reserves of willpower and stamina. Sometimes, even turning up for an appointment is a painful task. Once you’re through with your session you may feel euphoric, but what are the long-term …

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Reasons to become a Vegetarian

Any one that is intersted in keeping yourself healthy and even other people and the Earth healthy, you should consicder switching from a omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet. Those who are not familiar with the teachings and philosophy of Albert Einstein, here is one of his quotes: “Nothing will …

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