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Why British Children are so Unfit

According to research conducted by Essex University, British children are not as fit as they were a decade or so ago so that the average 10-year-old in 1998 could beat 95 per cent of today’s youngsters in running tests. This research was conducted in a relatively affluent area where obesity …

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How to Deal with your Depression

Until recently, depression was not taken seriously by health professionals, family or friends of those suffering. Who had the time to get depressed and feel sorry for themselves? Depression was viewed as something silly, something non-existent. Finally, the truth about depression has come out in to the open and it …

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Dental Care for the Elderly

Proper dental care is essential for all of us. For the mature adults among us, it is necessary to maintain good dental health, as it relates closely to overall body health. Taking good care of your teeth and gums will ensure maintaining your natural teeth as long as possible. ~Brushing …

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Getting a Breast Biopsy

I waited fifteen years to get my third mammogram. Why? The simple answer is fear. It never seemed convenient. I didn’t want to ruin Christmas, my daughter’s birthday, my anniversary cruise. I didn’t want to worry, and I didn’t want to worry others. The truth was, I didn’t want to …

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