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How to Put an End to Overeating

With so many delicious and highly calorific foods around, is it any wonder that people in the West are getting fatter? Those tempting, tasty treats are often the ones packed with sugar, fat, and a host of unpronounceable chemicals and ingredients which not only make them taste good, but are …

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Which Asthma Inhaler to use

As an asthma patient you will be prescribed two basic types of inhalers. The fast-acting bronchodilator is also known as a rescue inhaler. This one you must carry with you everywhere you go. No one with asthma should be far from her rescue inhaler. Rescue inhalers are used to treat …

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Bipolar Disorder Parents – Yes

Should bipolar parents have children? The most appalling aspect of this question is that it presupposes that those with bipolar disorder are permanently damaged goods. Anyone raised by a bipolar parent would be the first to tell you that it was hard. There are days when it seems flat out …

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Emotional Pain Journaling

Many people are under the impression that pain is always bad. Pain is often a warning sign that change is necessary. Your pain is telling you that you need to act on something. Typically, symptoms of emotion pain are: increase in anxiety (increased heart rate or palpitations, excessive worry, shortness …

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