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Light at the End of the Medicare Part d Tunnel

Millions of Americans are finding themselves uninsured or underinsured and , therefore, finding it difficult to receive medical treatment they can afford. State Medicaid programs, already over-burdoned, may offer coverage for children for those families that meet financial qualifications. There is a national program called C.H.I.P. – Childlrens’ Health Insurance …

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Autism and Birth Control – Yes

As parents we strive to determine what is appropriate for our own children based on their needs and abilities. Autism, however, requires a very different approach in selective areas. Birth control and reproduction for autistic individuals is a highly debatable topic for most parents and often times there are no …

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Narrow Angle Glaucoma Symptoms and Treatment

It sometimes takes a long time for a patient to finally get a correct diagnosis of narrow-angle glaucoma. Many sufferers are utterly convinced – and emergency-room personnel often agree – that they’re experiencing migraine attacks. Narrow-angle is one of several types of glaucoma. It also goes by the names acute …

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Common Myths about Pilates

Pilates are a very popular way in which to work the body. Generally, myths come from a lack of understanding. Therefore, I am going to try to bust some of the myths I have heard over the years. While I don’t know if these are common myths I assume they …

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