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What are Water Soluble Vitamins

The water-soluble vitamins are the B group and vitamin C. These are essential micro nutrients that we need in our diet for good health. All of these vitamins except Vitamin B-12 are not stored by the body but must be consumed every day to maintain good health. Unlike the fat-soluble …

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Salt Intake in the Diet

When we pick up a potato chip or a pretzel, all we may think about is how delicious it is going to taste. We crunch down and let it satisfy our taste buds but rarely think about what is in it that hits the spot. One of the ingredients in …

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Obesity Religion the Connection

A devout (Blank – you fill it in) spent his days in prayer and meditation on God. His faith grew with practice and without time for exercise or diet, and lacking interest in anything having to do with the mundane life, his physical girth also grew accordingly. “Why should I …

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Pro et Contra Dental Implants

When considering having implants implanted to replace your choppers, there are some things to seriously contemplate before signing away for them. Let’s go over the “pro et contra” for getting dental implants. PRO: *Implants are often easier to care for then bridges, flippers or dentures. They tend to do less …

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Helping Overweight Teens

Teenagers can have a variety of self-esteem issues, but psychological health is not the only important thing. There are a significant number of health risks associated with being overweight, and the habits formed at a young age can influence their future significantly. A failure to exercise and eat a moderate …

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