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Is Shingles Contagious

Shingles, also known as Herpes Zoster, is the common name given to the virus that also causes Chicken Pox, a disease that used to be prevalent in childhood until an FDA approved vaccine was developed in 1995 (CDC.gov/vaccines/2009). After Chicken Pox runs its course, the Varicella Zoster Virus remains dormant …

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Tips for Fighting Cravings

One of our bodies’ most important jobs is to tell us when we’re hungry. But, as most of us can attest to, we don’t always eat because we need to. The urge for junk food can often be irresistibly seductive. Our bodies primal needs for valuable sources of energy- such …

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Monitoring Health

Your health is the key to your overall well-being, and keeping it in check is surprisingly easy, especially if you know what to keep track of and how to keep track of it. SPREADSHEETS VERSUS NOTEBOOKS There’s an old-fashioned way, and there is a high-tech way of doing things nowadays. …

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Self Defence

Will Your Self-Defence Training Work? Self-defence at the highest level uses effective strategy to allow you to enjoy your life as fully as possible. Optimally you won’t get attacked or even encounter a potential attack. Life doesn’t always work out optimally. You need to learn to detect threats early enough …

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Yoga Dancer Pose

The Yoga Dancer pose is both an aesthetic step that is incorporated into Indian classical dance styles. But in addition to being an aesthetic looking step, it is also a yoga pose that has many benefits for a person who does it, for the sake of exercise. So even if …

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