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Optic Neuritis Signs and Symptoms

Your eyes are delicate structures. They are responsible for picking up light waves, processing this light, and transmitting it to the brain for interpretation. Every part of this circuit must be working properly for your eyes to see the big snarling grizzly bear running toward you. Running between the eyes …

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Reasons Douching is Bad

Douching involves a woman inserting water and another liquid into her vagina intending to clean it out. There are a few different reasons why a woman may douche. Many women believe that douching is a good way to keep up with feminine hygiene. Douching can be a monthly routine for …

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Top 5 Supplements

Let’s face it; we live in a society of shortcuts. We want our food fast and our diets even faster. Who has the time anymore to consume the proper number of fruits and vegetables every single day? It is for this reason that we turn to dietary supplements to quickly …

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How does Vitamin k help

Vitamin K may be one of those vitamins that we don’t hear about much. Even though it’s less commonly spoken of compared with vitamin C or the vitamin B groups, it’s equally important for the healthy functioning of the mind and body. The three main benefits of getting adequate amounts …

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