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Veteran Suicide

Last week, I shared a tragic story of a veteran who committed suicide less than three hours after being assessed as a “low risk” patient, and was released from VA care [http://www.progressivefuture.org/recent_outrage/suicidal-vet-was-begging-for-help-and-they-kicked-him-to-the-curb]. The carelessness of his assessment was largely due to a standardized questionnaire that was used to identify high …

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Planning a Family

Ideally one should start family planning before the delivery of your first baby. A well planned family is important for a happy marriage. Many couples are counseled to talk about the addition of children before they are even married. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men or …

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Health Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that helps maintain the immune system. It is an important mineral because the body can’t produce zinc by itself. Zinc enters your body when certain foods are eaten. Too much zinc can hurt the immune system while too little creates a deficiency. Supplements are a great …

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Ground Beef why Lean is not Low Fat

Ground beef is the most widely eaten type of meat in the United States. It’s easy to see why as ground beef forms the basis of many popular dishes, most notably hamburgers, meatloaf and chili. As well as its versatility, it’s an inexpensive and convenient form of meat to buy. …

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The Art of Making a Smoothie

Sick of shelling out $6 for a watered down smoothie at the mall? Ready to try making your own? Just follow my helpful instructions, and you’ll be sipping your very own delicious smoothie in no time! Step 1: Pick the right ingredients. But what exactly are the right ingredients? I’m …

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