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Viruses that cause Skin Rash

An infection that causes the skin to erupt in a rash covering most of the body is called an exanthem. Historically, childhood exanthems were all lumped together as one disease. Then early physicians made the distinction between measles and pox. As medical knowledge progressed, more childhood rashes were singled out; …

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Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, also known as true aloe or Aloe vulgaris, is a perennial plant with yellow flowers and triangular, green to dark green, fleshy leaves with saw-like edges which can reach the height of nearly two feet tall, native to eastern and southern Africa. Presently, aloe Vera can be found …

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Cancer Prevention Found in Food

Cancer and its treatment can lead to malnutrition, a common problem in cancer patients. Cancer patients frequently have problems getting enough nutrition. Malnutrition is a major cause of illness and death in patients and occurs when too little food is eaten to continue the body’s functions. Progressive wasting, weakness, exhaustion, …

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Ways to Control your Anger

Anger problems can lead to lots of troubles including relationship problems. Some people become angry faster than others, but that doesn’t justify angriness. You must be able to keep your anger in control. In this article you will find tips to keep calm when you are getting angry. Self talk …

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Fast Food is the cause of Obesity

To be healthy, one must take control of their diet. It’s a proven fact that fast food and health problems are linked but the real culprit is the consumer’s inability to take control of his or her own eating habits. Online there is lots of evidence backed up by study after …

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Mortin Ib Recall

The sixth recall of Motrin pain relievers by Johnson & Johnson in the last two years is now in effect. The last two and a half years have seen over two dozen medical devices, prescriptions drugs and health products recalled. Motrin IB pills are the latest recall from the company. The …

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