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Cholesterol Reducing Foods

Heart Healthy Food and Drink Wine is healthy for you. However, a big misconception about red wine is that it is loaded with antioxidants. Are there super-foods that lower cholesterol? Physicians and nutritionists seem to be on the same page in some of these areas. Red wine may delay the …

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Types of Uterine Displacement

The uterus, also known as the “womb,” is kept in place by a cross formation of four ligaments (pubocervical ligaments, sacrocervical ligaments, and a pair of cardinal or transverse cervical ligaments), by the muscles and the sheet of connective tissue below (fascia), and by the fat contained in the pelvic …

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Living with Autism

Stop accessing her, leave her alone, give her a chance, she’ll catch up, shes only three. When I think back now, they were all only just preparing us for the inevitable, but we didn’t want to know. We just wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool, and not let …

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Milk does it do you Good or not

Milk does it do you good or not? Milk contains protein, calcium, saturated fat and vitamin C and is a large part of the modern diet. Healthy milk comes from healthy cows which spend their days living on and eating green pasture. Unfortunately many cows from which we feed are …

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