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Insomniasleep Treatment

SAY GOODNIGHT TO INSOMNIA by Gregg D. Jacobs, Ph. D. (Copyright 2009) is a self-help book based on a 6 week program Dr. Jacobs has developed. Ninety percent of his patients report the program has helped them. The rate of success would probably be lower with insomniacs simply using the …

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10 Foods to help you Live a Longer Life

“Eat your fruits and veggies and you will grow up strong!” That’s a phrase kids across the land spanning many generations have heard from their parents. And guess what? Turns out, it’s true! There are specific foods, such as fruits and vegetables that can add years to your life and help you …

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Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

Can eye exercises really improve vision? There are people who attest to the effectiveness of eye exercises when it comes to improving eyesight. However, other people remain skeptical about it and reason that their optometrists never told them about eye exercises, therefore there could be no truth to what some …

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Side Effects of Clopidogrel

What is ‘Clopidogrel’? Clopidogrel is a generic drug which is available in many different brands and its active ingredient is ‘Clopidogrel bisulfate’. The drug is used to prevent platelet aggregation which is essential for clot formation in an instance of bleeding. The usefulness of this mechanism is clearly shown in …

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