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Side Effects of Gemzar

Gemzar is a type of cancer drug which helps to fight pancreatic cancers, breast and lung cancers. This is probably just one drug that you will be given in combination with other drugs in fighting these cancers, trying to place them into remission. Certain people depending on their other health …

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What causes Bad Breath

The first line of defence against bad breath is your toothbrush. Brush your teeth regularly and floss them daily. However bad breath. or halitosis is not always caused by tooth decay. Bad digestion will cause bad breath, but it fair to say that if you have chronic bad digestion, you will …

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Should i get a Vasectomy

During reproduction, the male testes produce sperm which goes down the vas deferens to the penis from where the sperm along with seminal fluids secreted by the prostrate and seminal vesicles are ejaculated into the vagina. A vasectomy is a permanent method of contraception where the sperm is blocked in …

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The Stages of Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disease that leads to changes in the patient’s personality, memory, and intellectual abilities as well as other symptoms. Each person with Alzheimer’s (AD) is different however, they still move through a series of stages, each with its own progressively serious set of symptoms. These …

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Overcoming Depression with Psychotherapy

There are over 10 million Americans today suffering from depression. Whether it be stress related, a traumatic incident that occurred, or from a chemical imbalance. Some people do not know which way to turn to for support, from this sometimes disabling disease. Aside from taking anti-depressant medication, (which does help …

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