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Wheatgrass Beginnings

Recently wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice has been in the public eye and is being once again touted as the Miracle Food or Super Green Food. But what is it about wheatgrass? How did the public arrive at this perception of wheatgrass as a superfood? And how can a person lose …

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Adolescent Stress

Stress is very common in today’s world, and isn’t always necessarily a terrible condition, after all, it is our body’s natural reaction to overwhelming situations. But when you see what adolescents are put through these days – whether it’s relationships, family or school issues – it’s no wonder the term …

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An overview of the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet includes whole grains, potatoes, pasta and rice. An individual eats more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains on a Mediterranean diet. The diet includes foods such as soybeans, beans, legumes and nuts. Olive oil is used as a mono-saturated fat in the meals. You should drink wine in moderation on the diet. …

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Warming up your muscles before starting any type of strenuous physical activity is very crucial. Not only do the first few minutes warm up your body, but they also help prevent injuries and increase your ability to burn more calories by raising your heart rate. The main key to preparing …

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