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The Path less Travelled Wellness or Sickness

On the pathway less traveled, wellness or sickness, wellness is a state of health or being healthy. Any pathway in life can seem to be relatively obscure; so may the pathway of wellness. The path of wellness, is often considered to be ‘the pathway less traveled’, because it appears to be a more difficult pathway to follow. …

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Tinnitus is a common affliction that affects one out of five people. A tinnitus sufferer always seems to hear a particular, and mostly annoying, sound, whether it be a buzzing, whistling or some other unusual sound. The person suffering with tinnitus may “hear” this “sound” directly in their ears or …

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Affects Insomnia on the Brain

Many people may think that insomnia means that a person is unable to sleep at all, but this is a common misconception. When a person has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, they are suffering from insomnia. This results in the individual feeling fatigued, unable to stay focused during the …

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Video Game Work Outs

Playing video games is fun, but exercise, although good for you, can be boring and time consuming. Combining both is a fantastic and fun way to get in shape. That is exactly what I did a couple of years ago and I’ve been doing it every since. I call it …

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Blaming Genetics

Don’t blame it on the genetics. The current subscription to the genetic factor and its implications on health are undeniably true and real. However the ease with which it has been given to assign blame for the health problems of varying degrees is the wrong tree to bark up. Current …

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