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How to do the Firemans Lift

Emergencies arise everyday, and fallen victims often need to be rescued out of harm’s way. Firemen are trained to perform the fireman’s lift with easy and accuracy, but the average person might not recognize the skill and technique involved. Emergencies are never predictable, and the need to perform a fireman’s …

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Weight Watchers Easy Meals Suggestions

Following the Weight Watchers’ program doesn’t require making specialty meals. In fact, many of the meals are quite simple to create for those who have a busy schedule or are short on time. Time is a big factor for many who fail at the weight loss game. However, creating nutritious …

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The different Types of Asthma

Did you know that more than 34 million Americans alone have been diagnosed with asthma in their lifetime? It’s true. Asthma accounts for approximately 500,00 hospitalizations annually, and it’s been the cause of 13 million missed school days, and more than 10 million missed workdays annually. Asthma is a serious …

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Organic Foods Healthy Foods

The benefits to keeping children on an organic diet. Organic foods are foods produced without any form of toxin or chemicals. Organic farmers cultivate the land for their fruits and vegetables to grow naturally without the use of chemicals or additional additives. Animals raised and nurtured on organic farms are …

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