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Tooth Whitening

Many people dream of having a whiter smile; however, having a dentist or an orthodontist perform tooth whitening procedures can be quite expensive, and these procedures are rarely covered by dental insurance. Tooth whitening procedures aren’t new, in fact humans have been whitening their teeth for hundreds of years. The …

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Foods with Calcium

We all need calcium for the health of our bones, from kids with growing bones to adults concerned about osteoporosis. But instead of taking a pill (often made of oyster shells!?), how about the natural, digestible, delicious kind from everyday foods? While milk, cheese and yogurt are all prime sources …

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After Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

You have a lot on your mind now that your new little baby has arrived. You must worry about when to feed your baby, what to do when your baby cries and especially how to shed all those extra pounds that you packed on while pregnant. If your weight was …

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How to Sleep well without Medication

If we do not take into consideration the doctor-diagnosed insomnia, the external factors contribute a lot to your problem in sleeping. Your unhealthy lifestyle may also prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. There are ways you can try to overcome your sleeping problems without having to resort to …

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White Bread Versus White Bread

Bread has been a basic food staple since before recorded history. It’s origins go back to Mesopotamia and Egypt where wheat was most likely chewed and eaten, until it was discovered that it could be crushed and pulverized into a paste and set over a fire that turned it into …

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Smallpox Symptoms

All known smallpox viruses were finally eradicated in 1977 after a worldwide program by the World Health Organization was successful. However, it does still exist in laboratories in the United States and Russia and incidents of infection have occurred. There is the ever-present risk of deliberate infection of populations by …

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