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Vision Problems in Older Adults

I laid my glasses on the bed while I dressed, then couldn’t find them because their color faded into the surrounding colors of the bedspread. I was sure that’s where I put them, but my search was futile. Finally, I called my grandson to come find them for me. The …

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Dealing with the Stigma of Depression

Dealing with the stigma of depression can be tough for sufferers of a severe form of the condition such as Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD. Not everyone understands, or even believes in depression, even though its existence has been scientifically proven. This can result in non-believers, and those who know …

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How to Stop Unhealthy Snacking

The whole concept of snacking between meals is a relatively new one in the scheme of things, only really catching on in the last half of the twentieth century. Prior to that people ate a more balanced diet of three meals a day, with the upper classes throwing in some …

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How to Assemble a Farm first Aid Kit

Farms have proven to be one of the hazardous professions, producing various amounts of injuries and deadly conditions that can prove to be fatal. They are seen in emergency room, all year round, throughout the country. Farmers are required to work in all kinds of conditions during the whole day …

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Health Dangers Caused by Obesity

Obesity Causes Health Problems Obesity can affect any age group or ethnic group in the world and does. Obesity is an excessive amount of fat stored in a person’s body. This excess fat is due to taking in more calories than their body works off and sometimes from not getting enough …

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