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Barefoot Running Debate

Runners have been debating for decades, even centuries regarding the difference between running barefoot and running wearing traditional running shoes. Although this debate faded into the background for many years, it has recently resurfaced and now some of the best runners in the world are throwing their running shoes in …

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Bronchiolitis Symptoms

Bronchiolitis is a viral respiratory infection that usually affects infants and small children. The most commonly affected age group is infants about 3 to 6 months old. For parents watching their children deal with the symptoms of bronchiolitis, the disease can be a frightening experience. However, bronchiolitis usually goes away …

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How to Exercise at Home

For those looking to increase muscle mass and/or tone, attaining a harder, more sculpted physique and greater overall strength, it is important to exercise both upper-body and lower body muscle groups. While access to a full range of exercise equipment is the ideal method for strength training, it is possible …

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Natural Methods in Curing Staph Infection

As staph infections are occurring more frequently, especially a tough strain called MRSA (methicillan-resistant staphylococus aureus), people are looking more towards natural cures to combat these tenacious and resilient microbes. Conventional treatment for a staph infection is usually antibiotics, but because staph bacteria have become more resistant to many types …

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Side Effects of Amitiza

Amitiza is a drug which is prescribed for people that have problems with chronic constipation. This drug will act inside the colon by adding fluid, since fluid is lubrication. Fluid always helps to speed wastes through the colon. If enough fluid is inside the colon, therefore, then constipation is avoided. …

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Acai Side Effects

Acai Berry Extract – Not The Solution To Healthy Fast Dieting The diet phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Many hundreds of products are currently available that draw buyers into speedy and drastic outcomes with little to no work in losing weight. One solution is the Acai Berry which …

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