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Gym Memberships

Top five things to think about before joining a gym from someone who’s managed a gym, worked as a personal trainer, a membership consultant and has joined a gym several times in various countries. 1/ Reason for joining Top reasons that people join gyms include: weight loss, doctor’s orders, variety, …

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Guide to Family Meals for Healthier Kids

Family meals are the basis of teaching children how to eat healthily. These meals should include the basic food groups, but they should be prepared in a manner that makes them appetizing. Children are accustomed to fast food choices, such as hamburger, fries, pizza, etc. Family meals should not include these …

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Watercress may Prevent Cancer Growth

In September 2010, British medical researchers unveiled what might be an interesting new breakthrough in breast cancer research: an active ingredient in watercress seems to to block off growth of breast cancer tumours. Watercress is a Eurasian perennial leafy vegetable. It is currently cultivated for sale, often after being hydroponically …

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Effects of Low Protein Content in a Diet

Protein is among the key nutrients the body needs to function properly. It is useful for body growth and maintenance. This means its lack in the diet for some time can lead to serious consequences on your well-being. Fortunately, most foods especially those containing adequate calories will give proteins to …

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Stress Management Stress Mind

We will try and discuss this subject in two phases: The cause of worries and the possible solutions to it. Cause Of Worries: The world is constantly changing and people have gone through many changes in their life style. But not many people have mastered the art of leading a …

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Positive Motivation

Everyone has down days and everyone has up days and sometimes things that keep us motivated are far and between depending on how you look at it. But did you know even the slightest amount of motivation can bloom even more? So what if you feel like your life is …

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