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On Creating Student Medical Forms

On Creating Student Medical Forms “What are student medical forms for back to school?” a registered nurse, who has not had training as a school nurse, might wonder. Student medical forms for back to school, can include any number of different forms that are needed and used by school nurses, …

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Understanding Diabetes

A Look at Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that results from the body’s inability to produce, or utilize, insulin properly. Insulin is the hormone responsible for converting carbohydrates like sugars and starches into useable energy (glucose), and allowing it to enter body cells efficiently. If diabetes is not treated properly, …

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Yoga Eagle Pose

The Eagle pose is so named because when doing this pose, you place your hands together in front of your face, making your hands appear like the beak of an eagle. Secondly this pose helps you to improve your powers of concentration. The eagle is a bird that is considered …

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