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Antioxidants and Foods that Supply them

To understand antioxidants we must know that oxygen also necessary for many disease-carrying organisms to live and to carry on their work. Certain foods, mainly fruits and vegetables and whole grains, have chemicals that control this oxidation process in our bodies and in the meantime make us healthier. An example …

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Mental Health Tips for Flood Victims

While the experience of being flooded is indeed traumatic, there are many things you can do to help yourself and others regain a positive outlook. Acknowledge that you may go through all the stages of a grieving/loss process –denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These universal stages of any extreme …

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Acceptance Issues with Autism

Acceptance issue with Autism : Parents and the World. Addressing the topic of acceptance with Autism (ASD) we must look at two key areas of acceptance. The first issue is acceptance by the family members of the diagnosis of autism. The second issue is the acceptance of the individual by …

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Valerian and Anxiety

Stress, tension, anxiety…unfortunately words we are all too familiar with. We are not unique to the stress and anxiety of everyday survival, however. Man has been using natural aids to lessen or relieve the effects of this stress for thousands of years. Used in ancient Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, the …

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